Jam Extra oranges Sanguinello

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The farm's jams Giorlando are made handcrafted with season products grown in their company.

They are made with the use of ingredients: vegetable (strictly selected and seasonal) sugar and vinegar (which unique natural preservative).

Are not used gelling, preservatives, concealers acidity or dyes.

All vegetables grow and mature in land farm Giorlando in a unique microclimate, under the hot sun of Sicily.

Not just collected, after thorough selection, the vegetables are worn at the workshop craft for processing.

All handmade processing is done so without using industrial machinery: product Cleaning and cut into quarters. Only after all these steps start cooking jam.

Once ready, the jam is put in jars and pastorizzata. -Cooling completed the jars are taken off from kettles, clean and finally labeled.

The jams so prepared retain the fragrance and flavor products one time.

Because the production follows the seasonality of vegetables, quantities are limited.


Onion Giarratana (Origin: Sicily), sugar, apple cider vinegar.

Storage product:

Storage: 2 years, if the product is kept in perfect conditions of storage, namely in dry, temperature not exceeding 20 °C, packaging tightly closed, vacuum and protected from light.

The open packaging should be stored in the refrigerator temperature of 4 °C and consumed within 10 days.

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2 years
200 gr

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