Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image
Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image
Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image
Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image
Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image
Cadiz bread 500g - Small Image

Cadiz bread 500g

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What is Cadiz bread

Cadiz bread is a very artisan traditional sweet made up of several layers of marzipan and nougat,With hand-cut glazed fruit, Yolk and sweet potato.

All of this is superimposed and covered with another layer of marzipan decorated by our workers, each to their liking. They are then generally painted with egg yolk, although the most industrial do not do this.

Once baked and dried, they are encellophanated one by one manually, and closed with brush and tail.

In this case it is a 500 gram piece. It can also be served in bulk, in a box of 5Kg where 10 units are fitted.

TheCadiz bread or turretIt is one of our star products that we have been making since the beginning, in the first half of the 19th century.

It's a laborious job that only factory women can do. Some fill in and the specialists cover it, close it and decorate it as they please. For this work, thimbles, scissors, knives and some creative invention of workers were used.

Here we have a video making the base of Cadiz bread, specifically, by putting the yolk: they are normally served individually or in 5Kg drawers. We also have 250 grams, 1Kg and even our customers who sell them to the weight or to the cut ask us for 4Kg and 6Kg.

Origin of cadiz bread

Let's talk some history. TheOrigin of Cadiz breadIt dates back to the 19th century. In this time the French invasion left Cadiz besieged so the population was forced to use all the stored almond possible at customs for overseas colonies, as a product that, well prepared could replace traditional bread.

Later this form was sweetened and gradually called Cadiz marzipan, due to its coming. This recipe has been kept and used up to our days.

Today we make the recipe as traditional and artisan as possible. Many large factories have automated and industrialized this process, but we prefer the traditional way.


Marzipan:Almond(60%), sugar, water, stabilizing E(-420) and conservative (E-200). Fillers: (sweet potato (50%), sugar, glucose syrup and conservative E-200), (yolk ofEgg(50%), sugar, glucose syrup, conservative E-200 and emulsifier E-466), (pumpkin fruit, sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, conservative E-202, acidity concealer E-330 and dyes E-120, E-100 and E-142), cinnamon, wafer: potato starch (99%), high oleic sunflower oil (Sunflower oil and antioxidants: E304, E310 and vitamin E). PaintedEggWhole. May contain traces ofWheat, sulphites.

Nutritional information:

Average values per 100g of product

Energy value 1790 kJ (428 kcal)
Fats 21g
Of which saturates 2,4g
Carbon hydrates 19g
Of which sugars 4,5g
Protein 9,7g
Salt 0,01g

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